What is Tari App?

Tari App is an all-in-one nutrition, exercise, and health data monitoring app built for goal achievement and accountability. 

Nutrition: Tari App is most similar to other popular food logging apps like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt! allowing users to log the food they eat and track calories, macros, water intake, and supplements. 

Exercise: In addition to the food logs, Tari App contains an exercise log, allowing you to schedule, plan, and mark complete your exercises and workouts for the week. 

Heath Data: Tari App connects to your FitBit or Apple Watch device to sync your monitored health data. Among other insights, this data allows you to compare your calories burned to calories consumed, helping you gauge if you are gaining weight or losing weight. The health log also contains other health metrics you can monitor like blood pressure and VO2Max. 

Goal Management: Tari App contains a simple Goal Scoring module for calculating the success of all your cumulative health goals. Use this Goal Scoring system for tracking your progress, or share with friends for ultimate accountability. 

Built for accountability: Tari App is built on a social network for accountability. When you add friends or coaches in Tari App, and your privacy settings are set to share data, your friends and coaches can (potentially) see your food logs, exercise logs, health logs, and how you are progressing toward your goals. 

Utilized for the online coaching community: For coaches that train clients virtually, once a client adds a coach in Tari App, and grants the coach permission, the coach can log meal plans and exercise routines for their clients and monitor their activity.