How do I log and track exercise?

To log your exercise...

1. Go the Activity Log

2. Select the + icon next to Exercise

3. In the Exercise Search Bar, type in the name of the exercise you are performing. Tari will search your: 

  • Exercise History 
  • Saved Exercises
  • Saved Workouts 
  • Common Exercises 

If the exercise you are searching for is found, select this option. 

If the exercise you search for is not, found, you can select the Create Exercise option. This will allow you to add a new exercise to your Saved Exercise library. 

Enter the Exercise Name (Description and Video Link are optional) and click Add Exercise

4. From the Exercise Review Page you add the additional (optional) information such as: 

  • Start Time 
  • Duration
  • Notes 
  • Distance 
  • Calories 
At this time you can: 
5a. Schedule your exercise by selecting the Date at the bottom of the screen 
5b. Add another exercise by selecting the large + icon 

5c. Save this exercise or multiple exercise as Workout to your Saved Workouts library