What is the goal score in Tari App and how is it calculated?

In Tari App, you can set habit goals such as steps, exercise, food calories, sleep, and more. 

These habit goals are scored if you successfully complete them each day

You can set which days of the week you are tracking these habit goals. For example, you could set to Exercise for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Another example could be Food Calories, which you could set for Monday through Saturday. 

You Weekly Goal Score will calculate what percentage of goals you have calculated for the week. 

So if you are tracking 3 goals, for 5 days out of the week, this gives you 15 possible successes. Therefore, if you achieved these habit goals on 12 out of 15 days, your Weekly Goal Score = 80%.

The Weely Goal Score gives you until the end of the day to achieve your habit goals. So your score will always be a reflection of days of the week prior to today.