How do I add a coach in Tari App?

To add a coach in Tari App: 

1. Go to Main Menu and select either the Connections or Coach page

2. Select the Search Connection bar 

3. There are three ways to search: 

  • Search (basic search) - Enter your coach's name 
  • Advanced (advanced search) - Enter your coach's name, location, and possibly age demographic (ie. 40's)
  • Add By ID - If your friend has sent you their TariID, you can add them by their TariID 

To Add By ID, select the Add By ID option and enter your coach's ID. After entering ID, select Search.  

4. If the TariID has been entered correctly, your coach will show in the search result. Select the three-dot icon to Add Coach. This will send your coach a request that they will need to accept.