How do I log meals, exercises, and workouts for clients?

To log exercises and meals for your client: 

1. From the Clients page, select the client you are logging for. 

2. From your client's profile select the "Login As" button. 

This will log you in to your client's Tari App account.

3. Once logged into your client's account, you would continue to use Tari App the same way you would if you were in your own Tari App account. You would use the same steps to log meals and exercises. 

 As long as you see a green header color, this means you are logged in to your client's account. 

(Your client's Privacy Settings will have to be set to allow Coaches to "Login As"). 

4. When you are done logging for your client, you can click the Return icon to log out of your client's account and return to your Tari App account.