How does Tari App protect my privacy?

Tari App takes your privacy seriously! 

While many free apps offer their apps at no charge, these apps often sell your data - that is how they make a profit. 

Tari App charges a small fee for monthly usage of our app to guarantee that we will never sell your data. Charging a small fee also allows us to continue to develop the best features for you. You can read our complete Privacy Policy here. 

As a social app, Tari App allows you to share your data between your friend, coach, and client connections. However, you can determine what data you share with your connections via the Privacy Settings page within the app. To edit your Privacy Settings.. 

1. Go to the Menu, then Settings 

2. From the Profile & Privacy section, select the Privacy Settings option

3. From the Privacy Settings page, you can set the various privacy settings within the app.